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Materials For Our Composters

Below we share links and information about the materials you may use to make composting easy and mess-free in your home.

We provide a 5-gallon bin for collection. While they are not required, some composters use liners in their bin. We strongly encourage our composters who live in apartments or condos to use them. We can provide a 6-month supply of liners at $7.50. To purchase, send us an email and we will drop off the roll on your pickup day. 

If you decide to purchase these liners from a different source, they must be certified compostable liners, such as BioBag brand. You can find these liners here and here. They also sell approved compostable liners at Mom's Organic Market in Cherry Hill. If you have any questions about liners for your bin, please reach out at

Some composters also like to use a countertop collector that they use in their kitchen and then transfer its contents into the larger provided bin. You can find something like that, here.

Have a stinky bin? Here are some tips on how to keep your bin mess and stink-free.
- Keep your bin somewhere cool and dark.
- Liners really help with the cleanliness of your bin, which helps with the smell.
- Keep your food waste in your refrigerator or freezer until your pickup day. (Co-Owner Catie's preferred method) 
- Add brown waste to your bin with the food waste (ex; dead leaves, paper, cardboard)


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